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Rotherham Together Partnership has overall responsibility for the plan’s delivery. It will receive regular progress reports, highlighting specific achievements and identifying any obstacles.

Specific named organisations will be responsible for delivering each action or activity in the plan and they will decide whether further task groups need to be established to help with planning and delivery.

In some cases, particular actions or strands of activity may be delegated to the theme boards, though again progress will be reported to RTP.

The RTP team, based within Rotherham Council, will support all aspects of the plan’s delivery.

Communications and contacts

We are committed to keeping people regularly informed about progress in delivering the plan and the general work of the partnership. There will be an electronic newsletter, a partnership website and a social media presence.

On an annual basis we will carry out a full review, looking not only at what we have done, but also how we have done it and whether our approach needs to change. This will involve public consultation, with the opportunity to contribute ideas to the forthcoming year’s annual plan.

The RTP team should be the first point of call for any queries relating to the plan or the wider work of the partnership.

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