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Game Changers

A Place to be Proud of

Rotherham has many positive stories, inspiring people and interesting things to see and do, but we tend to be hesitant about celebrating them.

From country parks and local treasures such as Wentworth Woodhouse, to the investments from companies such as McLaren and Boeing, there is already a lot to shout about.

As the activity set out across all our game changers comes to fruition, we will be on the way to realising our ambition for Rotherham to be a place where children, young people and their families have fun and enjoy living, learning and working.

  • More businesses starting up, investing or locating in Rotherham
  • More young people saying they would like to be living in Rotherham in 10 years
  • More people saying they’re proud to live here

Skills and Employment

This is about everyone in Rotherham having the chance to fulfil their potential.

A range of initiatives will provide support to help people gain skills and get and keep good quality jobs: from new, health-focused employment support programmes, to the flagship University Centre Rotherham.

The private sector will continue to be a key partner: shaping skills provision, engaging with schools, and providing healthy working environments.

Our measures of success are:

  • Increase in higher level skills
  • More young people able to achieve their potential
  • Fewer people claiming out of work benefits in the most deprived areas

Town Centre

Consultation with local people consistently reinforces the importance of having a thriving, welcoming town centre.

Although Rotherham has more competition than most other town centres (e.g. from Meadowhall and Parkgate Retail World), partners are committed to delivering the new masterplan, which includes housing developments, leisure and entertainment options – including a cinema – and a more attractive and safer environment.

Our measures of success are:

  • Improved culture & leisure offer, including a cinema
  • More town centre residential units
  • Fewer vacant units

Building Stronger Communities

This is about people living and working in harmony, with a shared sense of community spirit - having respect for each other as citizens and respect for Rotherham as a place.

We want happier, friendlier, safer neighbourhoods, with people getting involved in their community and working more closely with organisations such as the council and the police to agree local priorities and make things happen.

Our measures of success are:

  • More residents feeling safe
  • More people satisfied with their neighbourhood
  • More people actively participating in their community

Integrated Health and Social Care

Rotherham’s integrated health and social care place board is overseeing efforts to transform health and wellbeing services. The focus is to support people to live independently in the community, with prevention at the heart of delivery.

The urgent and emergency care centre opened at Rotherham Hospital in July 2017, aiming to reduce waiting times and emergency admissions.

  • Better outcomes for children through integrated commissioning & service delivery
  • Better support to enable people with long-term health problems or disabilities to lead healthy lives
  • Fewer unscheduled hospital attendances & admissions